Long-time leader in the niche Japanese document scanning industry
Primagest, Inc.
Company name
Primagest, Inc.
Investment period
Succession solutions for retiring management and refinancing of overpriced credit lines

The investment theme of Primagest was “resolution of succession issues due to retiring management” and “refinancing of overpriced credit lines” but in the end, growth measures, price and quality control, and revenue diversification were realized.

Growth policy to widely increase the top line and the number of employees

The transfer of BPO services to the financial department has accelerated differentiation from the IT support business. The top line has increased from 11.6 billion to 17 billion yen (47% increase), and the number of employees has increased from 429 to 562 (31% increase).

Price setting and quality management

With the help of J-STAR, PrimaJest created a team to prevent mispricing in the past when some projects were unprofitable. The company also reorganized itself from a divisional to a customer- and industry-specific organization integrated sales and IT, and established a quality control department to improve quality and efficiency.

Revenue Diversification

Before the investment, the majority of the company’s revenue came from pay-as-you-go businesses such as system integration, etc. J-STAR advised Primagest to diversify its revenue sources, expand stock-type business models such as BPO, and launch new businesses overseas.