The company has been releasing many long-selling products by developing products that meet market needs.
ITTY, Inc.
Company name
ITTY, Inc.
Investment period
BtoB services/Consumer business
Building a pyramidal organization

Before the investment, all decision-making was done by the founding members, but after the investment, the company delegated some authority to middle management and worked to develop middle management. By providing opportunities to propose new personnel systems, we raised the awareness of middle managers as management members.

Decision-making based on revenue

A variety of information is maintained to enable decision-making based on the final profit forecast. Stable running of PDCA cycle based on values.

Growth Capital

Before the investment, ITTY sales were increasing and the working capital was getting bigger. J-STAR set a committed credit line of 300 million yen to respond to the increase of the working capital caused by the high product demand. As a result, the sales had increased by 57.8% at the time of the exit compared to before the investment.