The company achieved high growth by combining online customer attraction and offline sales development capabilities
Company name
Investment period
Support of Growth Strategy

Before the investment, ASIRO was experiencing high sales growth. J-STAR had many discussions with President Nakayama about the future business growth scenario. They drew up an action plan and business growth scenario for the further investment in the existing business or launching a new business related to the existing business.

Expansion of the Organization

Before the investment, the company was a small and elite organization with nine employees. As the organizational expansion was essential to realize the future business growth plan, the company actively recruited. Under the leadership of CFO Kawamura, we introduced a human resource system and created internal training opportunities to evolve the organization to match the corporate stage. Therefore, the company could secure human resources to invest in its growth.

IPO Support

We helped ASIRO to streamline its internal systems, invited human resources from outside the company, and successfully supported the company to go public in the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in July 2021.