Constitution of acquisition platforms based on a robust compliance system
NHS Insurance Group Inc.
Company name
NHS Insurance Group Inc.
Investment period
BtoB services
Response to the change in the Insurance Business Act

Reinforcement of the compliance system just after the investment. Establishment of a standard for insurance solicitation processes that complies with the modified Insurance Business Act.

Additional Acquisition

As more and more insurance agencies are struggling with increased costs due to regulatory compliance, NHS has purchased additional 13 agencies and is introducing applicable standards to eligible agencies.

Business expansion

In this end, this independentIn this end, this independent insurance agency developed into a giant company.

1) Number of offices: Increase from 2 to 73 offices Before the investment, the company had offices only in Tokyo and Osaka. During the investment period, it expanded into the entire country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

2) Number of employees: Increase from 372 to 1,180 employees The acquisition not only increased the number of employees but also strengthened the administration, creating a stress-free work environment for employees and increasing retention rates.

3) Number of insurance contracts: Increase from 18,583 to 361,419 After the investment, a corporate culture focusing on the customer viewpoint has been implemented. By increasing customer satisfaction, the number of insurance contracts has been multiplied by 19.4 compared to before the investment.