We are pleased to inform you that Mattrz Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “MTZ) in which J-STAR No.3 SS, LP, etc., which we provide investment-related services (*1), has acquired shares in Pioneer Soft Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Hanoi, Vietnam, Legal Representative: Kota Iijima, Trinh Huy Minh, hereinafter referred to as “PSV”).

Pioneer Software (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka; President and Representative Director: Hiroaki Morinaga; hereinafter referred to as “PSJ”) established PSV in March 2016 to obtain business opportunities and secure development capabilities in Vietnam and has been conducting system development business in Vietnam and for Japanese companies.

MTZ has developed web promotion and marketing services to attract customers and increase user retention and conversion, and it is used by more than 500 companies. With this acquisition, MTZ will add a group of engineers with technical capabilities and development experience. It will accelerate the expansion of MTZ’s service lineup and enable a higher level of service that will contribute to the satisfaction of our clients. We will continue to support MTZ to embody the company’s philosophy of “providing optimal solutions to the challenges faced by users and clients” by leveraging our web expertise.

MTZ has also announced a basic agreement with PSJ to form a business alliance to collaborate in the field of offshore development and to introduce products and services to each other.

(*1)We provide investment-related services to J-STAR No.3 SS, LP, etc., respectively., directly or via subsidiaries, such as due diligence and recommendation of investment opportunities, and target company management support.

Acquisition of Pioneer Soft Vietnam Co., Ltd. by Mattrz Co., Ltd.