We are pleased to inform you that J-CEP has acquired shares in JAG Field (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Taichi Kikuta; URL: https://www.jag-fld.com/). J-CEP is a holding company of AJ Holdings, Aki Japan, and Act Japan, and is owned by J-STAR No.4 SS, LP, etc., which we provide investment-related services (*1).

JAG Field has offices in five major cities throughout Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sendai, and Fukuoka) and is providing engineer staffing services to the construction industry. JAG Field recruits experienced engineers mainly through its own recruiting websites, such as “kenchiku-kyujin.jp” and “cad-kyujin.com” and staff them to major general contractors and subcontractors nationwide.

Through this acquisition, J-CEP aims to become a leading company in the construction engineer staffing industry by further highlighting the strengths of each company and complementing each other in areas that have not been sufficiently addressed until now.

We will continue to support the companies in their efforts to solve the chronic shortage of human resources in the construction industry and to create an environment where engineers can work with vitality.

(*1)We provide investment-related services to J-STAR No.4 SS, LP, etc., respectively., directly or via subsidiaries, such as due diligence and recommendation of investment opportunities, and target company management support.

Acquisition of JAG Field Shares by J-CEP.