Top niche manufacturer, one of the industry’s top two players in the fire hydrant market
Company name
Investment period
Establishment of Next Generation Management Structure

The management reorganized through internal promotions in conjunction with the retirement of aging executives. Previously, each site had operated independently, but we supported the transformation to overall optimization through integrated group management. Specifically, the executive officer oversees each business unit, enabling an organized decision-making process and business promotion system.

Visualization of profits and Development of a mid-level executive

We assisted in the implementation of consolidated segment-based profit management. In addition, we shifted the system from a complex personnel evaluation led by a consulting company to a simple one. Furthermore, we focused on human resource development through management training, and we revitalized the organization by having young people selected as leaders at each location.

Expanding Earnings through Manufacturing and Sales Collaboration

We have leveled out factory operations with planned production based on forecasts in response to seasonal demand trends. As our ability to deliver products promptly improved, the improved order rate became the driving force behind the earnings growth. At the end of the investment period, we embarked on a new relocation of its core plant, realizing the YOKOI Smart Factory concept and eliminating future supply concerns.