We are pleased to announce that Toy Factory Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Kani, Gifu: President: Akifumi Fujii; URL: https://toy-factory.jp/, “Toy Factory”) that J-STAR No.4-A, LP, etc. (*1), to which we provide investment-related services invested, has acquired all shares of Beans Inc. (Headquarter: Motosu, Gifu: President: Takahiro Haga; URL: https://beansinc.jp/, “Beans”).

Beans is a car interior accessories manufacturer founded in 2006 that offers two car interior accessories brands, “CRAFTPLUS” and “7th E-Life”. The company produces high-quality car interior accessories through traditional techniques by Japanese wood craftsmen, and its main products are stylish seat covers, folding cots, center consoles, and other items mainly for the HIACE, which many car enthusiasts and camp enthusiasts highly evaluate.

The Company owns the #1 share in the camper van market in Japan as a result of continuous effort in the pursuit of creating better products since its foundation. With the technical and designing skills accumulated through building RVs, the new challenge the Company is now working on is to create new mobility outside the box.

Through the alliance with Beans, Toy Factory aims to enhance the car interior accessories category by offering products like folding cots that cater to the van life community, who enjoy lighter vehicle camping experiences before moving on to full-fledged camping cars. We hope to stimulate demand for full-scale camping cars in the future as well. Through this partnership, Toy Factory and Beans aspire to provide new value to their respective customer bases.

J-STAR will continue to support the business growth of Toy Factory and Beans through this capital and business alliance.

(*1) J-STAR Co., Ltd. provides investment-related services including investigation, investment opportunity introduction, or support for portfolio companies to the Funds (J-STAR No.4-A, LP, etc.), respectively

Capital and Business Alliance between Toy Factory Co., Ltd and Beans Inc.