We are pleased to report that the Funds, to which we provide investment-related services (*1) completed the capital participation in Miraie Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President: Tetsushi Okano, URL: https://miraie-group.jp/, the “Miraie”).

Miraie was founded in 2007 and conducts IT consulting, IT system development, and web service. As Miraie utilizes elderly engineers and freelance engineers well, Miraie fits the macro-economic trend in Japan where is diversifying work-style with the aging society. The capability of Miraie has contributed to mitigating the shortage of IT engineers in the IT industry, and the headcount of IT engineers employed by Miraie has exceeded 500 on a monthly basis.

We plan to support further growth of Miraie by institutionalizing governance structure, strengthening pipeline management, diversifying the sources of IT engineers, and promoting cooperation with the existing portfolio company.

(*1) We provide investment-related services to J-STAR No.4-A, LP, etc. directly or via subsidiaries, such as due diligence and recommendation of investment opportunities, and target company management support.

Capital participation in Miraie Co., Ltd.