We hereby inform you that we have transferred all of the shares of TOKAI TRIM Holdings Co., Ltd., which is owned by the fund under our management (J-STAR No.2 Investment Limited Partnership) to TT Holdings, which is wholly owned by the Investment Limited Partnership managed and operated by an affiliate of Rembrandt Holdings.

TOKAI TRIM CO., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of TOKAI TRIM Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Suzuka-shi, Mie; President & CEO: Naoki Mori; URL: http://www.tokai-trim.co.jp/; Tokai Trim Co., Ltd.), handles everything from cutting to sewing, with a focus on pure seat covers for major Japanese automakers.

Throughout the investment period, we provided support for the diversification of the businesses (customers, regions and merchandise), and the generational shift of the management structure, the development of group management and governance structure, and the improvement of the financial position.

We sold Tokai Trim expecting the company to further grow with the support of the Rembrandt Group.

Annoucement of Sales of TOKAI TRIM Holdings Co., Ltd.