This is to announce that our wholly managed and operated investment fund, J-STAR Number One Investment Limited Partnership, has signed a contract to sell all of its shares of Apo Plus Station. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Company Representative: Takehisa Ozaki,,”APS”) to Qol Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Section 2, Code 3034 , “QOL”,

APS, as a CSO (Contract Sales Organization: pharmaceutical sales and marketing contract research organization), aspires to become not only a MR (medical representative) staff company, but also a solution partner in the pharmaceutical industry. Synergy International Inc. is a medical advertising business which supports medical marketing activities for pharmaceutical companies. EBMs supports clinical research businesses and epidemiological studies through a network of doctors and health care facilities. APS has formed a capital alliance with these two companies and the alliance works together to provide one-stop service for a wide range of pharmaceutical information needs.

QOL is a major chain of pharmacies that has expanded to include more than 300 pharmacies domestically and has established a unique position by being proactive and opening stores inside of convenience stores and electronics shops. In addition to its pharmacy business, QOL has a personnel recruitment and temporary placement services business, a medical and pharmaceutical information business, and a site management organization (SMO). The current acquisition of stock fulfills their midterm plans to expand their non-pharmacy business.

Our company believes that with APS group joining QOL group, for the first time in Japan, a CSO business which includes a network of pharmacies is being formed, and that QOL’s pharmaceutical industry network, and credit worthiness and tangible and intangible assets will contribute to further acceleration of growth of APS.

In concluding this contract, we enlisted the assistance of Baker & McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) as legal advisors.

# # #

Conclusion of Share Transfer Agreement for Apo Plus Station