Comprehensive coating manufacturer with strengths in “laminating”, “blending”, and “matching substrates and coatings”.
Nakai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company name
Nakai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Investment period
Shift to Integrated Group Management

The groups responsible for procurement, plants, and sales were operated as different legal entities, and each entity had a different shareholder structure. We established a system to consolidate shareholders and optimize profit opportunities for the group as a whole.

Reform of the next organizational structure

We invited a successor president from outside in response to a request from the former management team. We carried out organizational development, including internal promotions and an executive officer system under the new president.

Reform of the operational structure of the manufacturing industry

By examining various products individually, they reformed the product structure to maximize profits.
In addition, by strengthening cooperation among departments and thoroughly implementing planned production, they have maximized production efficiency, reduced waste, and optimized inventories.