J-STAR set up the project team (the “Team”) to offer a workplace vaccination program for the portfolio companies (the “Companies”) of the Funds, to which we provide investment-related services (*1).

More than half of the Companies, consist of twenty-five companies with about eleven thousand employees, have less than a thousand employees which is the minimum threshold for each firm to apply for a workplace vaccination program. Meanwhile, essential workers, such as caregivers, recycle plant operators, and store operators, support the Companies’ business. Therefore, having timely vaccination is critical for the Companies to meet stakeholders’ expectations through stable operations. 

What J-STAR can and should do under today’s circumstance is to boost the number of vaccinated workers of the Companies. Thus, J-STAR launched the Team. Most of the Companies indicated their wish to participate in the workplace inoculation program. The Team identified a venue for COVID-19 vaccination in Tokyo and completed the application to the government.

To accelerate a productive interaction among the Companies, J-STAR set a Liaison Council a while ago. By using the functionality of the Liaison Council, the Team intends to start the vaccination for the Companies, sooner than the programs local governments provide.

*1 J-STAR Co., Ltd. provides investment related services to, from directly or indirectly through a wholly-owned subsidiary, funds, providing researches about investment opportunities, as well as other investment related services.

Launch of a project team to offer a workplace vaccination program