We are pleased to announce that the Funds, to which we provide investment-related services (*1) concluded the contract to transfer all the stocks they hold in ITTY, Inc. (head office: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo; President: Yo Takimoto; ITTY”), to TV Asahi Corporation (head office: Tokyo Minato-ku; Chairman & CEO: Hiroshi Hayakawa; “TV Asahi”). TV Asahi Holdings Corporation, the parent company of TV Asahi, also made an announcement of the transaction on its press release “Stock Acquisition of ITTY, Inc. (Consolidated subsidiary)” issued today.

ITTY conducts sales of its own developed products through EC and TV shopping channels with its corporate vision to be a “producer of attraction”.

We believe the transaction should aid ITTY to gain wider access to clients and realize further growth.This transaction was implemented with cooperation by Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, as the legal advisor.

(* 1) J-STAR Co., Ltd. provides investment-related services including investigation, investment opportunity introduction, or support forportfolio companies, to the Funds (J-STAR No.3 SS, LP, etc.), respectively. 

Stock transfer contract of ITTY, Inc.