Let us hereby report that we made the following support for medical professionals and those experiencing difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic, as a sign of our commitment to contributing to the wide variety of businesses and stakeholders.

Donation to Japan Red Cross Society, and 14 prefectures with J-STAR Investments (*): JPY11,250,000

We sincerely wish Japanese society and small businesses to regain their vigor as soon as possible.

(*) COVID-19 related organizations in prefectures where portfolio companies of funds J-STAR provides investment related services to, have their activities.  The amount is the total of donations from J-STAR and its staff.


Contact below for more information:
Daisuke Imaeda, Investor Relations, J-STAR Co., Ltd.
+81-(0)3-6269-9425 dimaeda@j-star.co.jp

Support for those fight COVID-19