This statement is to announce that our wholly managed and operated investment fund, J-STAR No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership (the “Fund”) has transferred all shares of Aisei Pharmacy Co., Ltd.(“Aisei”) that the fund held to Aisei Holding Co., Ltd. 

Aisei Pharmacy Co., Ltd has headquarters in Chiyoda Ku Tokyo which company representative is Ms. Emi Fujii (URL: “Aisei”). The existing management team of Aisei owns all the shares of Aisei Holding Co., Ltd.

Aisei Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the development of a pharmacy store in the medical mall. Aisei operates 342 pharmacy stores in the high-density metropolitan area of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

The management of Aisei and we agreed that it is important for Aisei to focus its management resources on strengthening medical mall development skills and manage pharmacist more efficiently, for Aisei to deal with the government policy, aiming to restrain healthcare budget. To achieve such goal, improve capabilities and know-how is necessary. Hence, we believe the management buyout is the best way to maintain the management/employee and expedite their active involvement.

For us to enter into the share transfer agreement for this sales transaction, we enlisted TMI Associates as a legal advisor.

Announcement of Share Transfer of Aisei Pharmacy Co., Ltd.