This is to announce that our wholly managed and operated investment fund, J-STAR No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership, has invested in businesses of Nihon Hoken Service Inc. (headquarter: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, company representative: Mr. Kimihiro Higuchi, “NHS”) .

NHS’s insurance agency business and insurance solicitation business cover insurance policies in the third sector insurance, such as medical insurance, cancer insurance, and care insurance. The company has established a business model to combine telemarketing and face-to-face marketing and an organizational compliance structure in order to match insurance companies’ requirements.

Backed up by the aging population in Japan, the growth of the third sector insurance market is expected to be stable. On the other hand, with the trend of tightening regulations of Insurance Business Act, businesses in the market will be required to have a stricter organizational structure to correspond to the change in the regulations. J-STAR will help NHS to further enhance the compliance & organizational structures while supporting them to establish a stabilized the management platform and a lasting business model structure.

In approaching the investment, we enlisted es Networks Co., Ltd., es Networks Tax Corporation, and Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu. We financed a part of the acquisition capital from Shinsei Bank, Limited

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Announcement of Investment in Nihon Hoken Service Inc.