This is to announce that our wholly managed and operated J-STAR Number One Investment Limited Partnership has signed a contract to sell all of shares held of Tokachi K.K. (Headquarters: Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama, Company Representative: Mr Shinji Nagaoka, URL:, “Tokachi”) to Mediaflag Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Company Representative: Mr Yasuo Fukui, URL:, Ticker: 6067 on Tokyo Mothers, “Mediaflag”) Please note that Mediaflag made an announcement of the conclusion of Share Transfer on October 23, 2013.

Tokachi manufactures and sells Japanese sweets across 26 stores in southern Saitama under a brand called “Tokachi Amanatou Honpo” and 9 stores in Tokyo under a brand called “Kashin-tachibana” through Tokachi’s 100% owned subsidiary Tachibana K.K (“Tachibana”). Mediaflag is one of the major mystery shoppers in Japan who researches over 200 thousand stores/shops a year, supporting their clients’ sales & marketing strategies.

Mediaflag is listed to Tokyo Mothers market on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

After a careful consideration, we came to a conclusion that synergy between Mediaflag’ operational/marketing knowledge and brand-power of Tokachi & Tachibana will help expansion of their product mix and further enhance Tokachi’s value.

In concluding this contract, we enlisted the assistance of Tokyo-Marunouchi Law Offices as a legal adviser.

# # #

Conclusion of Share Transfer Agreement for Tokachi K.K.