This is to announce that Tokachi K.K. (“Tokachi”), invested in through our wholly managed and operated J-STAR Number One Investment Limited partnership, has successfully acquired 100% of Tachibana K.K. (“Tachibana”), a manufacturer and seller of Japanese sweets.

Tachibana was established in 1959 by founder Junzo Tachibana. It sells its brand of Japanese sweets in 7 stores mainly along the Keio train line. Its popular products hold a high degree of name recognition and brand value especially in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward. Tokachi manufactures and sells Japanese sweets across 19 stores in southern Saitama and Tokyo’s Adachi ward. Similar to Tachibana, it receives strong support from local customers.

In line with the share acquisition, Tokachi and Tachibana will cooperate on addressing the increasingly talked about issue of food safety as well as the rising cost of raw materials. This will serve to deliver local customers something new along with safety, peace of mind and good taste.

Additionally, following the share acquisition there will be no change in Tachibana’s business or store operations, and will continue to deliver the taste loved by customers since its founding.

Tachibana K.K. Company Outline

NameKashin Tachibana
EstablishedApril, 1967 (Founded 1959)
Address5-14-5 Chitosekarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
RepresentativeShoichi Ohno
Employees90 (Including part time)
Stores7 directly operated stores including main location in Chitosekarasuyama

Tokachi K.K. Company Outline

NameTokachi Ama-Natto Honpo
EstablishedDecember, 1974 (Founded 1952)
Address2-6-12 Aoki, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken
RepresentativeKichinosuke Tanaka
Employees190 (Including part-time)
Stores19 directly operated stores included main location in Kawaguchi
Acquisition of shares of Tachibana K.K. by Tokachi K.K.