J-STAR Co., Ltd.
February 2006
Executive officers
Gregory Rokuro Hara, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kenichi Harada, Managing Partner Hideaki Sakurai, Managing Partner
Shin-Kokusai Building 6F, 3-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
50 million yen
Private equity investment, investment advisory services
Managed funds and funds targeted by advisory services
J-STAR No.1 Limited Investment Partnership J-STAR No.2 Limited Investment Partnership J-STAR No.3 SS, LP, etc. J-STAR No.4-A, LP, etc. J-STAR No.5-A, LP, etc.
Fund Size
12 billion yen (J-STAR No.1), 20.6 billion yen (J-STAR No.2), 33.3 billion yen (J-STAR No.3 SS, LP, etc.) 49.5 billion yen (J-STAR No.4-A, LP, etc.) 76.8 billion yen (J-STAR No.5-A, LP, etc.) We provide investment-related services to J-STAR No.3 SS, LP, J-STAR No.4-A, LP, J-STAR No.5-A, LP etc. directly or via subsidiaries, such as due diligence and recommendation of investment opportunities, and target company management support.