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2021/3/30 Stock transfer of KUGAMI Holdings Co., Ltd.

Hereby we report that we have transferred all the stocks of KUGAMI Holdings Co., Ltd. ("KUGAMI HD") owned by the fund under our management (J-STAR No.2 Investment Limited Partnership), to the new owner.  KUGAMI HD is the holding company of KUGAMI Co., Ltd. (head office: Yokohama, Kanagawa; RL:; "KUGAMI").

KUGAMI has expanded its businesses mainly in automotive and electric appliance plastic-molded parts manufacturing, since its foundation in 1965 as a plastic-molding company.  We have supported KUGAMI for its globalization and adaptation to evolving auto-parts supply chain, by expansion into Mexico and acquisition of subcontractors. 

We believe that KUGAMI would achieve further growth upon this transaction.

Stock transfer of KUGAMI Holdings Co., Ltd.(PDF:86.8 KB)