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2009/6/ 1 Regarding completion of investment in Iki Iki K.K.

This is to announce that through our wholly managed and operated J-STAR Number One Investment Limited Partnership, we have established Iki Iki K.K. ("Iki Iki"). In addition, on May 29, 2009, Iki Iki took over all business operations from U-Leag K. K. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO Tsutomu Kurosaka, "U-Leag"). This includes publishing and mail order businesses conducted under the trademarks "Iki Iki," "Fuku Fuku" and "SumuRila." The new company has since begun business operations.
Along with J-STAR Fund's investment, we are issuing a third-party share allotment to senior-oriented travel business Club Tourism K.K. ("Club Tourism"). We anticipate the combination of know-how from the publishing and mail order businesses taken over from U-Leag together with Club Tourism's marketing know-how and established customer base from its travel business will lead to increased corporate value in the future.
Iki Iki's newly appointed Representative Director Takao Miyazawa possesses superb problem solving abilities and management know-how gained from his background in consulting. Moreover, his experience in leading Telemarketing Japan as CEO, has given him a wealth of hands-on experience. He will focus on restructuring management fundamentals and fine-tuning marketing strategy while holding onto Iki Iki's established identity.
Employees will now combine their efforts under the leadership of President Miyazawa. We sincerely thank all customers, vendors and other related parties for their continued understanding and support.

Iki Iki Company Outline

Company Name Iki Iki K.K.
Established April 20, 2009
Main Location 4-1-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital JPY500,025,000
Main Shareholders J-STAR Number One Investment Limited Partnership
Club Tourism K.K.
Pacific Minato L.P. Management
Representative Director Takao Miyazawa
Vice President Toshiko Katayose
Director Gregory Hara (J-STAR Representative Director)
Director Satoshi Tsuji (J-STAR Principle)
Director Hisayuki Hanada (Club Tourism Director & Head of General Affairs)
Advisor Osamu Uemura
Auditor Hideaki Sakurai (J-Star Partner)
Auditor Mitsuru Yoshida (Club Touris Auditor)

Representative Director's Background

1980  Graduates Tokyo University School of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics
1982 Graduates Tokyo University Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics
1982 Enters Nomura Research Institute
1987 Earns MBA from University of California, Los Angeles
1992 Enters Boston Consulting Group
1996 Enters Telemarketing Japan
2003 Telemarketing Japan Representative Director and CEO
2008 Leaves Telemarketing Japan as Vice-Chairman

Regarding completion of investment in Iki Iki K.K.(PDF:31.3 KB)